Mobile Workforce

Causeway's Mobile Workforce solution manages mobile and onsite operatives' reactive & planned activities. With full offline working it eliminates paperwork returns and phone calls to operations-management/clerical staff.

The functionality of Mobile Workforce vastly improves job throughput, timeliness of job status information, production and distribution of forms, reports, customer feedback, certificates, materials acquisition, timesheet completion and much more.


Feature Wheel

  • Job progression
    • Intuitive state-of-the-art downloadable app.
    • View all jobs in priority/attendance order.
    • View site/job history including previous engineer.
    • Visits/follow-ons on this job.
    • View assets associated with job and/or all assets on site.
    • Step job through easy default stages.
  • Job packs
    • View job instructions, documentation, previous forms.
    • View asset repair/servicing instructions.
    • View manuals and diagrams.
  • Mapping integration
    • Site details include postcode or latitude/longitude.
    • Optimised route provided automatically.
    • Use Google maps or alternative.
    • Step job through easy default stages.
  • Photo & video capture
    • Use mobile device to capture & identify condition.
    • Automatic attachment to current job on device
    • Automatic attachment to site data at base.
    • Include in forms for signature where required.
    • Include in future job packs as appropriate.
  • Asset condition
    • Identify asset from drop-down selection or bar code.
    • View asset history (reactive & PPM).
    • View condition code (when graded, by whom).
    • Add new condition code as appropriate (audited).
    • Full asset survey, collect new asset data.
    • Roll-forward uncompleted jobs at any time.
  • Barcode identification
    • Identify asset bar code at asset survey stage.
    • Or import bar code data with initial asset library.
    • Or generate bar codes from asset library to tag assets.
    • Bar code capture identifies 'location'.
    • Bar code capture identifies specific asset being attended/serviced.
  • Van stock
    • Set parts list & re-order level by various criteria.
    • Quick search by part-description, code, drop-down, scroll.
    • Automatic replenishment at pre-determined frequency.
    • Identify & eliminate slow-moving/obsolete parts.
    • Minimise cost/space/travel-costs.
  • Parts requisitions
    • Quick search by part-description, code, drop-down, scroll.
    • Free type description of parts/services.
    • Full procurement system.
    • Requisition parts with/without approval as configured.
    • Follow requisition from order to collection.
  • Timesheet automation
    • All actions recorded against current job.
    • View timesheet with 'one-click' submission.
    • Options for extra pay-codes and expenses.
    • Option to adjust errors (rare).
    • Approval process by back-office supervision when required.
    • Job costing continually updated.
    • All times/extras instantly integrated to payroll.
    • Sub-contractors paid directly through purchase ledger.

Causeway Experts

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