Having used Causeway Vixen to manage workforce operations on their £45m Notting Hill contract since July 2011, Willmott Dixon are now set to utilise the solution across £162m of new contracts, to a combined value of £207m. Their two new contracts, the £15m Guinness South contract and enormous £147m Home Group contact, will add 23,500 more homes to the number of buildings Willmott Dixon repair and maintain using Causeway Vixen.

Primarily, Willmott Dixon use the Engineers’ Diary and Mobile functions of Causeway Vixen, to ensure engineers work as efficiently as possible across their contracts. Combined, these modules ensure maximum efficiency across Willmott Dixon’s mobile workforce, which is absolutely essential on contracts of this magnitude. The Engineers’ Diary module aids the management of their mobile workforce and scheduling of jobs, whether PPM, reactive, day works or installations. By allocating these jobs via a simple electronic “drag-and-drop” function, Engineer’s Diary allows Willmott Dixon to allocate engineers according to location, skill set or whatever other criteria they deem appropriate. At the same time, their operations managers and supervisors have immediate access to all important information, via an on-screen display of all available resources. The mobile functionality then expands these benefits, by delivering them to Willmott Dixon’s engineers in the field, via the use of handheld PDAs and other mobile devices. This gives their engineers full access to job, site, plant and history details while on-site, whilst letting them deliver time sheets, job sheets and industry forms to the office remotely. We are delighted that Willmott Dixon continue to use Causeway Vixen as their solution of choice on some of the biggest support services contracts in the UK.

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