Key benefits of Causeway Vixen for TSS Facilities:

  1. Timesheet admin cut from seven days to three hours per month
  2. Financial savings of around £6,000 per annum
  3. Reduction in WIP by 25% for improved cash flow
  4. Faster job to invoice times
  5. Automatic updating of payroll and job costing

In implementing the Causeway Vixen e-Timesheet solution, TSS Facilities has cut the time required for processing timesheets from seven days per month to just three hours, reducing annual administration costs by around £6,000. In addition, the company has reduced Work in Progress (WIP) by approximately 25%.

TSS Facilities delivers a range of mechanical engineering and environmental solutions throughout the South East of England. The company has been using Vixen Service & Maintenance for several years and, more recently, extended the system with the Timesheet solution.

“We currently have 20 engineers running the timesheet solution, integrated with Vixen Mobile Workforce,” explained the company’s service manager Jason Mamoany. “Prior to implementing the timesheet solution an administrator would spend approximately seven working days checking, inputting and filing timesheets manually. Also, when running the monthly payroll, the timesheet information had to be entered manually into the payroll system,” he added.

Using the Timesheet solution all actions are recorded onsite on a mobile device and submitted electronically to the office, automatically updating the payroll and job costing systems, after approval. The system also allows engineers to submit incurred expenses, which are directly posted to the job via job costing.

A further benefit of the system is that it significantly reduces the amount of work in progress, thereby improving cash flow.

Jason Mamoany concluded: “By using the electronic timesheet solution the checking, approval and processing of timesheets now takes around three hours per month. It also allows us to run the payroll quicker as the hours submitted have already been processed and agreed. Furthermore, with daily updating of job costing we are able to invoice our jobs more quickly.”

For further information on how the Causeway e-Timesheet solution can help your business, please call Matt Tabard on 07974 717307, or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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