While there are many construction contractors and quantity surveying companies still using spreadsheets to produce estimates, many more are realising that purpose-design estimating software offers considerable benefits. These include time-savings for increased productivity, greater accuracy and the functionality for more detailed tender adjudication to improve risk management.

In such cases, it is sensible to consider key factors such as ease-of-use as well as features that will add value to the business. Increasingly, when all these factors are taken into account the software of choice is Causeway Estimating.

The many companies that have made this choice, following evaluation of other options on the market, include quantity surveyors and construction consultants Thomas Callum Associates Ltd, as well as construction contractors Construction Total Solutions Ltd (CTS) and Frederick F Smith (Builders) Ltd.

Key benefits

  • Exceptional ease-of-use to get up and running quickly.
  • Faster turnaround of tenders.
  • Increased opportunities for winning work.
  • Improved accuracy with reduced risk of re-keying errors.
  • More accurate tender adjudication.
  • Enhanced risk management.
  • Ability for multiple estimators to work on the same estimate.
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