As a suite of CAFM modules, Causeway FM Facts is used in a different way by everybody, to achieve specific goals. During our Services Software Showcase, we spoke to Steve Bradbury, Information and Systems Manager at the University Bradford, to find out how they have used Causeway FM Facts to revolutionise their maintenance processes and manage the facilities management of the entire university.

“Following a customer survey into our facilities management team in 2002, it became apparent that we needed to improve our communication and delivery of service, to create a more positive attitude throughout our department. At the time, we were using a traditional system of assigning printed paper document to operatives in a depot-style manner every morning. It was clear that this was resulting in poor communication throughout the department, as well as the loss of job sheets, which we couldn’t allow to continue. We looked into a number of different FM systems, but eventually went live with Causeway FM Facts in June 2003, initially with the Helpdesk module, followed by the Asset Management and Resource Booking modules. Finally, we added the Procurement, Intranet and Mobile modules as well, all of which could be added to the solution in our own time, simply and easily. Immediately, we noticed a huge improvement in communication and service levels within the department, thanks to much clear job visibility and management. Previously, we had no service level agreements (SLAs) whatsoever, as there was no way to properly record and report on the jobs we were completing. We were simply tracking jobs rather than actually managing SLAs. With Causeway FM Facts, however, we could properly manage and report on every job, which allowed us to embed SLAs where there had previously been none. As we added more modules, we noticed even further benefits. Students can report problems at all hours of the day, for example, so the addition of the intranet module of Causeway FM Facts proves particularly useful, as it allows us to manage jobs no matter when they are submitted. Alongside a £120 million refurbishment of the facilities, private developers built a brand new student village; the most sustainable student accommodation in the UK, which we maintain with Causeway FM Facts. Based on our management of the student village, we conducted benchmarking tests against other dedicated FM providers and found that, not only are we as cost effective and efficient as most SLA providers, we’re actually better than many of them! Fuelled by this newfound confidence, we bid for and won the contract to run all the facilities management of the new student village, using Causeway FM Facts. This project went live in August 2011 and, in December 2011, a pilot study found that we were achieving a 99% strike rate against our SLAs, whilst improving job turnover by 30%. We are now completing jobs 2.5 days faster than before, have saved 1,500 A4 pages of printed A4 and removed the need for 3 hours of supervision every week. Going forwards, we’d like to expand on our mobile working scheme and strategic reporting, whilst pushing the customer intranet and making better use of our asset management capabilities.”
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