Interserve and SPIE 365 Facilities have become the latest of a growing number of contractors taking steps to embrace e-Invoicing, seeing Tradex cement its position as the construction industry standard for digital business transactions.

Following EPC UK’s recent addition to the Tradex community in response to requests from its customers, SPIE 365 and Interserve’s Tradex purchases provide further evidence of a growing shift toward electronic invoicing in construction.

Formerly known as Trios Group prior to its acquisition by SPIE Group in November 2016, 365 Facilities operates as part of SPIE UK’s Facilities Services business to provide facility and property related services across the public and private property sectors. This spans the commercial, health, education distribution, leisure, local authority and retail markets, amongst others. The company has adopted Tradex in order to manage its purchase invoices electronically, allowing it to benefit from faster invoice and payment processing, avoid manual invoice receipt, sorting and rekeying, and more readily access relevant information due to automated invoice validation.

Already an established Tradex advocate and customer for the receipt of purchase invoices, Interserve has taken similar steps, ensuring all its internal companies now submit invoices via Tradex. This enables Interserve to streamline inter-company invoicing and therefore magnify the benefits of e-Invoicing throughout the entire business.

For more information on Tradex and how it is helping to connect and digitise source-to-pay in the construction industry, download a Causeway Tradex Datasheet, visit the Tradex bundles page, or get in touch with Tradex Growth Specialist Aaron Ferdinand directly on +44 (0) 1628 552225.

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