Once companies have implemented Causeway’s Tradex e-Invoicing solution they typically find that it becomes an integral and invaluable part of their sales document processing workflows.

For example, one of the longest-standing users of Tradex is Cemex, a leading supplier of ready mixed concrete, cement and aggregates, as well as being an installer of asphalt materials and manufacturer of a range of concrete products. For several years the company has been using Tradex to process multiple document types - including purchase orders, order acknowledgements, invoices and despatch notes - and has recently renewed its use of Tradex for a further three years.

Another established Tradex user is Speedy Hire, which has also signed up to the Tradex community for a further three years. At the same time the company has introduced the additional ability of being able to receive searchable PDFs into Tradex. This latter feature delivers considerable savings as data is extracted from the PDF and transferred directly into the back office system.

Key benefits

  • Reduces the time and costs associated with processing documents.
  • Improves visibility and control for enhanced document management.
  • Automated processing of multiple document types.
  • Automated validation to reduce time spent on manual checks.
  • Extraction of data from searchable PDFs.
  • Flexibility to configure the system to work the way you want.
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