Causeway is pleased to welcome Breedon Group, Saint-Gobain Weber Limited, Multiplex Construction Europe Limited, and IESA to the Tradex Community.

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Breedon Group

To streamline processes for customers, Breedon Group joined the Tradex community in order to manage all of their outbound invoices in EDI and PDF formats to their customers.

Having recently acquired Hope Construction Materials, a Tradex customer, Breedon Group learned that their employees wanted to continue using Tradex, citing numerous performance gains. Convinced that the Tradex value proposition would be beneficial, Breeden Group also opted to join the Tradex Community.

Tradex provides Breedon Group with the ability to send documents to clients, who are able to choose whether they would like to receive PDFs in an email, from an online portal, or as a data file directly into their internal system. When sending documents through the Tradex platform, both parties have full tracking traceability on the status of the file and are able to check in real time whether or not it has been viewed or downloaded. The Tradex system also sends automated emails to clients who have not viewed invoices after a certain period of time. If further time elapses, another automated email is sent to the client as a reminder, while an escalation report is sent internally to Breedon staff to action.

Saint-Gobain Weber Limited

Saint-Gobain Weber Limited adopted Tradex to receive purchase orders electronically from their customers. This gives them a greater opportunity to achieve their SLAs in the most efficient manner. They were impressed by the security as well as the ease of document exchange between company and client via the Tradex platform. These functionalities include the ability for both parties to trace the status of the document, whether or not it has been viewed, whether or not it is overdue, along with a range of automated functionalities communicated accordingly to document status.

Tradex allowed Saint Gobain Weber to convert their customers to a digital system without requesting or requiring a change in their customer’s processes. This is possible because Tradex is able to receive PDF purchase orders from customers and convert the purchase orders into streamlined data for Saint Gobain Weber to track.

Saint Gobain Weber chose to join the Tradex community because their previous e-trading partner was unable to provide the functionality that they needed. Some of their partners such as Wolseley, Travis Perkins, and Saint-Gobain Building Distribution were already a part of the Tradex community, and reported benefits considerable enough that Saint-Gobain Webber chose to join the Tradex community as well.

Multiplex Construction Europe Limited

Multiplex Construction Europe Limited adopted the Tradex Supplier Management platform for their UK operations in 2015. After a year of using the platform and seeing high performance and benefit gains, they decided to proceed with a rollout to the UAE branch of their business.

The main selling feature of Tradex was the ability to manage and rate the performance of vendors. Using the Tradex Supplier Management Platform, Multiplex Construction was able to accredit suppliers electronically and keep a centralised vendor database for supply chain managers to decide which vendors to use. This prevents an overload and therefore increased the number of projects supply chain manager is able to oversee with fewer potential setbacks.


IESA Integrated Supply Solutions was an existing Tradex user that had recently secured Kimberley Clark as a client. IESA utilised the Tradex platform to collaborate with Kimberley Clark for receipt of PDF purchase orders, which is subsequently converted into data, and automatically imported into SAP for processing and scheduling. Tradex allows IESA to achieve SLAs with Kimberley Clark, wherein IESA conducts services while Kimberley Clark is able to ensure that all services match purchase orders.

To learn more about how the Tradex Community can benefit your business, click here.

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