On the 28th of April, members of our eTrading community assembled at the Belfry Business and Golf Resort, for a day of presentations, key note addresses and workshops.

We were privileged to have Chris Godwin, of the Parliamentary IT Committee, speak on the wider application of eInvoicing across the UK and Europe. From his position as founder of the UK eInvoicing Forum, Chris explained how Europe and the UK need effective non-cash, non-paper trading systems. Already mandatory in the Italian and Scandinavian public sectors, eTrading solutions like Tradex are the obvious choice:

“Why make cuts to visible public services, at the cost of service, when simple changes to back office administration systems could yield greater savings?”

Yet this isn’t the only benefit of eTrading, as James Ramsay of Carbon Clear explained. James demonstrated how every employee involved in paper trading produces around 2.76 tonnes of carbon per year. The impact of trading using paper on business costs and the environment is colossal. In a riveting speech, James explained how managing carbon with eTrading not only saves money and the environment, but also helps businesses win more work.

“Lots of investors won’t touch a company, if it isn’t seen to be actively reducing their carbon emissions. Perhaps this is why 450 of the FTSE Global 500 disclose their carbon footprints.”

To discover the impact Tradex is having across the industry, we also invited some customers to share their experiences. Wolseley, who now handle all their eBilling through Tradex, reported better customer relations, increased visibility and a reduction in the number of queries as a result. Petroplus, the largest independent oil supplier in the UK, also reported that 100% of their customers now receive eInvoices through Tradex. This is helping them achieve their goal of being the cheapest supplier in their sector. An enjoyable and successful event, the Tradex Community Day 2011 highlighted the importance of community and relationships to eTrading. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to everybody who came along; the feedback we receive during these events is integral to the continued development of all Causeway products

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