Causeway’s Health Check service has helped Hove-based TSS Facilities identify areas where they can make better use of the functionality within Causeway Vixen Service and Maintenance and Vixen Financials.

Established in 1971, TSS Facilities offers a range of mechanical engineering and environmental solutions for heating, cooling and water hygiene installations in commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the South East of England. The company manages a team of mobile engineers with the help of Vixen Service and Maintenance and wanted to ensure the software was used to its full potential. TSS Financial Director, Chris Tugwell explained:

“We knew that the engineers weren’t working with the software as efficiently as they should be, but we weren’t sure what the best way would be to resolve this. We were also aware that there was some duplication of effort in the accounts department that could be eliminated by using the Vixen Financials software more effectively. The Causeway Health Check helped to pinpoint the areas that required attention in both areas of the business and provided us with a plan of how to go about implementing the improvements.”

In talking to the users of the software, Causeway’s Lead Consultant Jim Strugnell was able to gain a clear understanding of how the software was being used and, therefore, where TSS could make better use of the functionality available to them. Armed with this knowledge Jim was able to recommend training to target these areas and improve the overall use of Vixen software within the business. Looking ahead, TSS also intends to take advantage of a new Android version of Vixen Mobile Workforce. This will enable the company to issue all mobile engineers with mobile devices that use the Android operating system. Discover more about Causeway Vixen.

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