DownerMouchel is currently rolling out Causeway’s Telematics vehicle tracking and driver behaviour solutions across two key contracts in New South Wales (NSW). This is the first use of Telematics in Australia and forms part of a comprehensive Highways & Infrastructure Maintenance software package developed by Causeway and DownerMouchel.

Both contracts were awarded to DownerMouchel by Roads and Maritime Services, an agency of Transport for NSW. These are a Stewardship Maintenance Contract for the Sydney West Zone road network and an additional programme that includes asset management, design and project supervision, communication and community engagement for roads, structures and street lighting assets.

The company will make use of the Telematics to provide live tracking information of vehicles to view workforce locations and optimise the allocation of resources. It will also be employed to ensure drivers are driving safely and to target potential improvements in driving style to reduce risk and vehicle wear & tear, as well as improving fuel efficiency to reduce costs.

Once the Telematics system has been rolled out there are plans to integrate Telematics data with other Causeway solutions in use by DownerMouchel. These other solutions include Causeway Project Accounting (CPA), MyRegister, Tradex and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Key benefits:

  • Optimised resource allocation.
  • Faster response times.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Improved driver behaviour.
  • Reduced risk of accidents.
  • Potential savings on vehicle insurance.
  • Reduced fuel costs and vehicle wear & tear.
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