In implementing Causeway’s Vixen and Telematics solutions, Survey Roofing has been able to significantly increase turnover and improve cash flow. Major time-savings have been achieved in key areas, including completion and invoicing of jobs, production of Work in Progress (WIP) reports and timesheet completion.

Crucially, the Causeway solution provides powerful Dashboards and Analytics tools for strategic management, working in tandem with Vision reporting to ensure managers are working with meaningful, up-to-date information.

Survey Roofing is a nationwide roofing specialist delivering high quality commercial roofing installations as well as inspections and surveys. Through its 24 hour help desk, the company also provides planned & reactive maintenance solutions delivered by qualified roofers using a fleet of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

Having been using a service & maintenance package with limited functionality, Survey Roofing decided to research the market for a more powerful solution. Having considered various options, Causeway Vixen service and maintenance management – including Mobile Workforce - and Telematics vehicle tracking were introduced in April 2015.

“The system we were using before was inefficient and resulted in a lot of duplicated effort,” recalled Finance Director Terry Noone. “By working with Causeway we have improved efficiency considerably and we are completing more jobs than ever before – enabling us to take on more work with the same resources whilst also adding value for customers. This enhanced availability of information is particularly valuable to companies with extensive property portfolios, where we have seen a significant increase in business since introducing Vixen,” he continued.
“An example of this is how our senior staff, including operations managers and schedulers, are using the Dashboard and Analytics tools. These enable completed jobs and invoice status to be highlighted in real time and made available to key decision makers. We are also able to highlight real-time turnover and the status of top clients at that point in time.
“The result of this is that the Board has timely visibility of key data without having to request information and then wait for an offline report to be produced. Anyone with the appropriate permissions can access this information,” he added.

In taking advantage of the powerful functionality of the Causeway solutions, as well as the integration between them, Survey Roofing has been able to address many of the challenges facing companies in the roofing sector.

Through increased efficiency and clearer visibility of performance data, the company has achieved significant time and cost savings while, at the same time, enhancing the service it provides to customers. These benefits have already resulted in winning more business whilst improving the productivity of the workforce.

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