Multi-technical and support services company SPIE UK has selected a comprehensive package of software solutions from Causeway to help manage key processes within its business.

Previously SPIE had been using a mix of proprietary solutions and in-house spreadsheet-based systems and found that the lack of integration was leading to inefficiencies in the processing of information. This problem was exacerbated following several acquisitions that required other systems to be integrated. In addition, SPIE is becoming increasingly involved in the nuclear sector, where there is a need to capture and present high volumes of information, something the existing systems struggled to handle effectively. In parallel, SPIE’s business model is changing with involvement in higher volumes of relatively small projects, again generating higher volumes of information. The decision to partner with Causeway followed exhaustive examination of the various options available on the market. Causeway was selected because of the functionality of the systems, as well as the company’s ability to underpin SPIE’s business objectives and deliver added value. The package of solutions selected by SPIE includes Causeway Financial Accounting, Causeway Project Accounting, Enterprise Content Management, MyRegister supply chain management, the Tradex eTrading solution and BIMMeasure for extracting key cost information from Building Information Models.

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