In upgrading to a subscription-based model for its Causeway software, multi-technical and support services company SPIE UK has reduced its software costs by over 50% in the first year, giving a boost to cash flow.

SPIE moved to Causeway in 2013 and since this time the company has expanded considerably through both organic growth and acquisitions. As a result, with many more users of Causeway software, the upcoming licence renewal would have involved a significant capital outlay.

Following discussions with Causeway, SPIE has decided to move to the subscription model across its various software packages, so that the software is now financed through operational expenditure and does not eat into capital budgets.

The subscription model also brings new features to SPIE’s software portfolio, accessed through a fresh new interface. These features include an analytics dashboard tool for Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) and an automated test framework to enable faster and easier comparisons of different software versions.

Additionally, the subscription package includes quarterly ‘health check’ evaluations of how SPIE is using the software, with advice on where improvements can be made, if necessary.

The subscription package encompasses Causeway Project Accounting, Causeway Financial Accounting and Vision software. SPIE is also using Causeway’s CADMeasure, Enterprise Content Management and Tradex solutions.

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