Skanska have selected Causeway CADMeasure to automate take-off and measurement, which will dramatically improve the accuracy and productivity of their estimating process. "By using CADMeasure we are much more efficient cutting the time to take off by 50%. What was taking a week is now taking just over two days so we can get more done," comments Craig Fuller, Estimator at Skanska UK.

Designed for Estimators, Causeway CADMeasure is an easy to use CAD based measurement tool, ideal for all types of measurement - from the simplest sketch to sophisticated 3D object models. The solution is compatible with all common drawing formats, allowing measures from 2D drawings, PDFs, CAD files and DWFs and, best of all, it doesn’t require any expensive CAD software! As part of the Causeway suite of products, CADMeasure integrates with Estimating and Cost Planning software to reduce rekeying of values. Studies have proven that CADMeasure halves the time spent on measuring from drawings when compared to traditional take-off techniques. Why not book a web demonstration of CADMeasure, to see how you could reduce measurement and take off time by up to 50%?

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