With the recent upsurge in house building, many developers and consultants are turning to the Site Developer module in Causeway’s Professional Design Suite(PDS) BIM Infrastructure Design solution. Site Developer software is proving invaluable in increasing productivity and helping companies to manage their growing workloads. Site Developer is particularly suitable for house builders as it includes key packages such as Alignment Design, Drainage Design and Volumetrics.

Companies that have recently deployed Site Developer for this purpose include construction consultants Stirling Maynard of Peterborough, which works on projects of all sizes. However, the company found it was winning more small-scale projects and the company’s existing software solution was not entirely suitable for these projects.

After speaking to a number of other companies, Stirling Maynard found that PDS was the most frequently recommended software solution and is implementing PDS Site Developer for use on smaller projects.

Other new users of Site Developer include RG Parkins & Partners in Kendal, Plandescil in Attleborough and start up consultancy Residential & Commercial.

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