One of the most important aspects of implementing new software systems in a business is ensuring the supplier will continue to provide support through the implementation phase and beyond.

A case in point is our work with Eurovia, where Causeway has supported the roll-out of Eurovia’s eSource supply chain management system – a system that is based on Causeway MyRegister. This rollout reached a very exciting stage a few weeks ago when around 100 people from Eurovia’s top supply chain partners attended an event to introduce two-way performance management control.

This is a true 360 degree collaborative partnering approach that invites suppliers and sub-contractors to rate Eurovia’s performance. So it isn’t just about Eurovia rating its suppliers, it’s about a far-sighted approach that will improve the overall performance of Eurovia’s contracts. The day was very well received with presentations from a number of Eurovia staff, as well as from Causeway, of course. It was a great pleasure to be part of it.

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