Having won a number of significant contracts in recent months, Russells Construction has extended its use of Causeway Estimating to help ensure the higher workload is managed efficiently.

Russells Construction is one of the leading full-service main contractors in the North West of England, engaged in new build and refurbishment projects for some of the largest developers across the region. The company takes great pride in the quality of its service delivery and has been using Causeway Estimating to ensure that estimates are both accurate and are produced quickly. In taking on additional licences for Estimating the company is maintaining that level of service delivery across its new work. Causeway Estimating helps contractors to win more profitable work, manage their costs and reduce their risk, while maintaining a high level of accuracy. In fact, Causeway Estimating is more than just a pricing tool; it is a complete tendering solution that significantly reduces the cost of bid production. Discover more about Causeway Estimating.

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