Leading Glasgow-based civil engineering and building contractor RJ McLeod is to extend its use of Causeway solutions with the implementation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), integrated with Causeway Mobile Workforce. The ECM system will be used to manage all corporate and project-related documents, drawings and emails and will take advantage of ECM’s innovative ‘offline working’ mode to facilitate work in remote locations.

RJ McLeod operates over a broad spectrum of construction disciplines and has been using Causeway JobMaster Accounting and the Tradex eTrading solution for some years. When the decision was made to improve the efficiency of document management, the company evaluated several solutions before selecting Causeway ECM. Quite a few of the company’s contracts are in remote areas, such as wind farm sites, where there is no mobile connectivity so a particularly useful feature of ECM is the offline working functionality. This enables operatives to complete forms on their mobile device when offline; then as soon as they are re-connected the workflows on the central ECM system are updated. Consequently, the integrated forms and workflow capability of ECM will enable RJ McLeod to automate its core business processes and ensure consistency throughout the enterprise. Discover more about Causeway ECM, Causeway JobMaster and Causeway Tradex.

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