Leading UK partitioning contractor Radii Partitioning has introduced Causeway Estimating and BIM Measure automated measurement software to help improve productivity and the quality of information shared within the company as well as with clients and other trades.

Radii Partitioning operates primarily as a specialist sub-contractor, working closely with designers and contractors and has a need to produce accurate tenders as quickly as possible. Increasingly, the company was also experiencing a requirement to be able to work in a BIM environment.

Initially the company had intended to develop its own bespoke solution for estimating but was impressed by the features and functionality of Causeway Estimating and its integration with BIM Measure.

In using this combination Radii Partitioning is able to quickly take-off quantities from traditional drawings or from Building Information Models using BIM Measure, with the ability to export this information directly into Estimating when the job has been won. The result is significant time-savings with reduced risk of keying errors.

Other beneficial features that were identified included the central library, the multi-user environment, ease of access to historic information and the advanced item & resource search capabilities.

Key benefits

  • Faster take-off of quantities.
  • Ability to take-off from BIMs.
  • Automatic export of take-off data to Estimating.
  • Improved reporting.
  • Ease of access to historic estimate data.
  • Multi-user capabilities to optimise use of resources.
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