Just as automated measurement from CAD drawings is rapidly becoming common practice amongst cost consultancies, so automated measurement from Building Information Models (BIMs) is also set to improve efficiency, accuracy and responsiveness.

In ensuring they are able to play their role to full effect in BIM projects, two construction consultancies in Belfast have recently selected Causeway’s BIM Measure software product, which provides automated measurement from BIMs, as well as supporting traditional CAD measurement functionality.

Bruce Shaw is an internationally-acclaimed Group of construction professionals and the group’s Belfast office has been using Causeway’s Cost & Programme Management suite since 2002, and has recently added BIM Measure. This combination will enable the company to measure from IFC files, as well as DWG, DWF, DWFx and PDF, this ensuring all file formats will support the production of Bills of Quantities (BoQs).

The same productivity and efficiency benefits will also be available to Hawthorne Consulting (NI) Ltd, which has also selected BIM Measure. Hawthorne Consulting have also been long term Causeway users – since 2004 mainly using the software to support CAD measurement and the production of BoQs. Hugh Hawthorne, proprietor, has recently embraced the prevalence of BIM within today’s construction industry and believes BIM Measure is the first step towards level 2 compliance.

Despite being different sizes, both companies identified BIM Measure as being the ideal solution for their needs, illustrating the flexibility and scalability of this software.

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