Quantex Qatar, a start-up quantity surveying, project management and construction consultancy in Qatar, has selected Causeway’s CATO software suite to support their business growth and optimise the efficiency of core processes around measurement, cost planning and procurement. Since its initial investment in CATO, the company has already added to the modules deployed within the company.

Quantex Qatar was established by Neil Hamiltonwho has many years of experience in global construction consultancies, and who had already experienced the benefits of CATO in his previous roles:

“In a start-up company, where efficiency and the quality of customer service are paramount, getting the right processes in place is vital. Having used Causeway CATO previously, we knew that it would provide the functionality we needed to support our business and our customers’ projects.”

Causeway Paul Madeira added:

“Causeway CATO is a highly versatile suite of software tools with the inherent flexibility to support construction businesses of all sizes. We are delighted to be supporting Quantex Qatar and look forward to an enduring relationship as their business grows.”

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