Users of Causeway Plant Management (formerly Connect) have started to realise the advantages of integrating their accounting system with Causeway's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Morrisroe, TRAD and O'Keefe have all recognised that Causeway ECM is the ideal document management and workflow solution to deliver improved control over their business processes.

Groundworks & Concrete Frame contractor, Morrisroe, selected a solution to automate invoice management. They can now scan invoices into Causeway ECM, view them remotely via Causeway Plant Management or ECM applications, then approve for payment. Using Causeway ECM workflow tools, data gathered using electronic forms can also automatically generate contracts in Causeway Plant Management, avoiding errors and duplication.

"The retrieval of invoices, previously a time consuming operation, has become a straight forward exercise enabling Accounts staff to free up time for less mundane tasks. Through the Plant Management accounting software, we are now able to pull up any invoice hitting our costs almost instantly." – Prem Nair, Morrisroe Financial Controller.

Scaffolding contractor TRAD use Causeway ECM with their Causeway Plant Management solution, to store key accounting documents including invoices, application for payment summaries, variation schedules and payment certificates. This allows any member of staff to access Plant Management reports and documentation quickly and easily.

"Causeway ECM was the ideal method of managing our otherwise unstructured information, whilst providing fast and easy access to relevant documentation and enabling greater transparency of contracting data at all levels of management." – Martin Lockhart, TRAD Financial Controller.

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