Causeway’s MyRegister is helping Hill to improve the visibility, consistency and management of key supply chain data across the business. Integrated with the prequalification tool Constructionline, it provides automatic validation of supplier and sub-contractor information.

Hill is one of the U.K.’s leading housebuilders, multi-award winning with a diverse and complex supply chain. Before implementing MyRegister, however, monitoring and validatingsupply chain data was time-consuming with inconsistencies between different offices.

“In the past we did not have an effective database, just a financial system with very basic supplier information, supplemented with additional paper-based supplier records at a local level,” recalled Hill’s Head of Strategic Procurement & Supply Chain Michael Thomlinson. “We therefore needed to invest in a software solution that would address these issues and provide us with one user-friendly tool that could be shared by all users.

“Having considered a number of options, including bespoke development of the existing finance system, MyRegister was identified as the most cost-effective solution that could be delivered within a relatively short timeframe. We also had an existing relationship through the use of Causeway Estimating so we were comfortable our companies could work effectively together,” he added.

MyRegister is being used by around 200 staff for accreditation of vendors, including an electronic pre-qualification process using online pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs). This makes the approval process very quick, consistent and robust, as once a PQQ has been completed it is automatically re-routed to the relevant person for approval.

An important element of this was the ability to integrate with Constructionline, as this enables live validation of supply chain data. It also reduces the workload for suppliers, as once they have entered their information on Constructionline this will answer around 90% of the questions on Hill’s PQQ.

“MyRegister hadn’t been integrated with Constructionline before but Causeway was able to create this integration so that information is shared across systems. This gives me the confidence that all of the information has been validated by Constructionline, thereby reducing the administrative burden on both the supply chain and us,” Michael Thomlinson continued.

Hill is now also beginning to use the MyRegister system for supplier performance management, enabling project managers throughout the business to report back on the performance of individual suppliers and sub-contractors, via the online system.

Future development will include links from MyRegister to the company’s back-office finance systems so that suppliers that have not been accredited, or whose accreditation has lapsed, will not be able to have orders raised with them.

“Another major benefit of MyRegister is that it brings all of the supply chain information into one hub that can be viewed on a single screen as an overview, with the ability to drill down for more detail. This means we can now access the large volumes of supply chain data that we hold quickly and effectively. As a result, MyRegister enables core supply chain data to be visible in support of informed decision-making across all of our operations,” Michael Thomlinson concluded.

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