Construction company Mount Anvil has selected Causeway Estimating software to automate key tender production tasks with a view to improving efficiency and productivity. The implementation followed extensive consultancy to ensure that Causeway Estimating would work with Mount Anvil’s complex in-house spreadsheets.

Mount Anvil, which has been listed in the ‘Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For’ seven years running, has an impressive reputation in generating mixed-use development opportunities. The company has been using Causeway’s CAD Measureautomated measurement tool to measure directly from models and drawings in 2D and 3D and had been exporting the results to spreadsheets. To do this, the estimating department had developed a highly sophisticated and complex spreadsheet.

Having decided to introduce estimating software the company considered a number of options before selecting Causeway. A major concern was that the in-house spreadsheet system would be too complex to operate in conjunction with an estimating system. To address this, Causeway’s technical support staff ensured they fully understood the existing system and that the two systems could work together.

One of the key features of Causeway Estimating is the ‘embedded Excel’ functionality that enables dynamic linking to spreadsheets, enabling complex calculations to be carried out in Excel with any changes being updated in the estimate.

Mount Anvil is now enjoying the benefits of full integration between Causeway Estimating and CAD Measure automated measurement, avoiding re-keying of data, improving accuracy and reducing risk.

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