Having evaluated four estimating systems, Cork-based MMD Construction selected Causeway Estimating for its ability to satisfy a number of key criteria. These included ease of implementation and use and the ability to adjust the system to suit the way they work. Integration with the company’s accounting system was also important, so that information could be transferred directly from the estimate to produce budgets.

MMD has also implemented Causeway CAD Measure automated measurement software and the Causeway Contractor Valuations module.

MMD Construction is a progressive and dynamic building and civil engineering company that works across all sectors and recognised the importance of technical resources to the delivery of projects to clients’ expectations.

Implementing Causeway Estimating software brings benefits to a number of key processes for MMD. For example, the Causeway enquiry system streamlines the process of sending out enquiries and reviewing them and this is expected to deliver time-savings of 30-40% in the management of enquiries.

The end result of these time-savings is that MMD hopes to produce up to 30% more tenders, which will increase its chances of winning more work. In addition, the company is now using the same central library, enabling more than one person to work on a tender at the same time and keeping the content consistent across all users.

Additional features of Causeway Estimating that MMD has found useful include the ability to move items using drag-and-drop functionality. It also makes it very straightforward to break estimates down into labour, materials, plant and sub-contractors is also straightforward, which facilitates adjudication of tenders. In addition, MMD is able to import information directly into Estimating from the software used by QS companies to produce Bills of Quantities.

Furthermore, when a project goes to site the purchasing department is supplied with accurate figures for materials procurement and allocation of plant. MMD uses a lot of its own plant so this feature has been especially helpful in terms of plant management.

Further time-savings are achieved by using CAD Measure to measure directly from drawings and models and export the results into Estimating. Direct links from Estimating to the Contractor Valuations module provide key information for quantity surveyors without the need to re-key information.

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