With a growing volume of work in the civil engineering design sector, and consequent recruitment of more designers, professional services group WSP has invested in additional licenses of Causeway Professional Design Suite (PDS), including the BIM-compatible Line and Sign modules.

The new licences are being deployed in both the UK and India, linked through a wide area network that enables engineers in various locations to share data and work together on the same project. This functionality plays a key role in enabling the company to optimise available resources and provide a fast response to clients.

PDS is Causeway’s leading BIM infrastructure design software suite, which provides a range of modules for all aspects of earthworks design and quantification, development site infrastructure design and highway design. The Visual Reality module allows existing and proposed designs to be visualised in 3D without the need for specialist rendering software.

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use with minimum training.
  • CAD-independent solution that requires no CAD licences.
  • Faster generation of designs.
  • Intelligent data transfer.
  • Design documentation generated directly from the model.
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