There are many compelling reasons for looking at ways to increase the productivity of a business through improved efficiency and by minimising wasted time and effort. In the case of quantity surveying and contracting processes one of the obvious areas to address is the production of the estimate. However, it also makes sense to give the same attention to the process of taking-off quantities from a drawing.

This principle has led many existing users of Causeway Estimating software, who are already benefiting from the efficiencies it delivers, to also introduce automated measurement with CAD Measure. Companies that have recently boosted their productivity in this way include civil engineers Gracelands Ltd, and construction companies Symon Builders Ltd and Keepsake Construction.

In implementing CAD Measure within their businesses, these companies have been able to take advantage of automated measurement from PDF and DWG drawings, with the ability to export the data directly into Causeway Estimating. As well as significantly reducing the time required for take-off, this also eliminates the risk of typing errors when data is transferred to the estimating system.

Other features that are proving useful include the ability to measure irregular areas and to quickly carry out counts of items for pricing.

Key benefits

  • Significant time-savings.
  • Reduced risk of errors.
  • On-screen measurement.
  • Auto-extraction of quantities and properties.
  • Configurable view states.
  • Support for non-standard views.
  • Integration between CAD Measure and Estimating.
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