The news passing through the industry that Dubai Municipality has decided to mandate the use of BIM on key construction projects is very welcome indeed. It marks a sea-change in the way that construction projects will be delivered in the future and crucially, will ensure that our industry’s customers receive best value. With this notification, there are clear parallels with the mandating of BIM on public sector projects in the UK, where Level 2 BIM will be required by 2016.

This development also provides competitive advantage to those consultants and contractors that have already embraced the concept of BIM within their companies. A number of leading consultants operating in the region, such as AECOM, KEO and Mace have already adopted BIM by using Causeway’s Cost & Programme Management and Automated Measurement solutions.

However, as BIM can be seen as a complex subject, Causeway is working hard to help our customers and the industry as a whole to take full advantage of the enhanced productivity, cost savings and process efficiency that can be realised through the use of BIM. To that end our Executive Vice President for Research & Development, Tim Cole, has recently delivered a number of CPD talks and knowledge in seminars in Dubai. Read his blog about the most recent event.

These events have proved so popular that we will be running another series of seminars, kicking off in the UAE in January 2014, and then seeing these roll out to Qatar, Kuwait and KSA during the course of year. If you would like to find out more about our BIM themed events please email [email protected] .

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