Elliott Thomas Group has streamlined its estimate production with the help of Causeway Estimating and CAD Measure. As the company enjoys high volumes of repeat business it has found the ease of access to historical data provided by Causeway Estimating to be a particularly valuable feature.

Elliott Thomas Group is a leading provider of construction services and skills and prides itself on its innovative solutions and problem-solving philosophy. The company takes a collaborative approach to clients’ projects, tapping into the expertise of separate teams for each specialist area.

Estimates had previously been produced using spreadsheets but these did not facilitate access to useful historical data that could be applied to repeat work. The company therefore sought a proprietary estimating solution and having evaluated a number of options selected Causeway Estimating. In parallel, Elliott Thomas has deployed Causeway’s CAD Measure automated measurement solution for take-off from drawings.

Another drawback of the spreadsheet solution was that there was no drill-down functionality to assist with risk management. Using the tender adjudication feature in Causeway Estimating has enabled the company to understand and manage risk better.

For even greater flexibility, Causeway Estimating incorporates an Embedded Excel feature for dynamic linking to spreadsheets. In this way, complex construction estimating calculations can be carried out in Excel and any formulae changes in Excel will automatically update the estimate.

Key benefits:

  • Easy access to historical data.
  • Faster production of estimates.
  • Automated measurement from drawings.
  • Drill-down functionality for tender adjudication.
  • Dynamic interaction with Excel spreadsheets.
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