Winning work at a profitable price is only part of the battle, safeguard the projected profit throughout the delivery of the project is also essential. To do this you need to ensure you are working with accurate cost, value and performance data at individual project level.

Integrating the estimating and financial disciplines of your business provides you with detailed analysis of project performance based on up-to-date figures, so any potential problems can be quickly nipped in the bud. In this way, you optimise each project’s financial performance and avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of the project.

These are only some of the reasons why organisations such as Bear Scotland and South Lanarkshire Council have Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) at the heart of their contract management processes.

As South Lanarkshire’s Roads Maintenance Manager George Wells commented: “CPA has proved to be a valuable asset since it was first implemented, combining the cost management information we need with additional accounting functionality. The information provided by the system enables us to be more cost-efficient across all of our projects – something that is increasingly important under the current challenging economic conditions.”

Listed below are just five of the benefits that CPA can deliver:

  1. Integration of the estimate into the project with full item and resource detail, so that it can be re-budgeted to reflect how the project is being delivered, rather than how it was estimated.
  2. Early visibility of cost and value for analysis against detailed assessment.
  3. The ability to manage valuation and costing in one central system for easy access to key information about financial performance.
  4. Collection of cost information from source documents and processes, including the prime sources of labour, material, plant and sub-contractors.
  5. Optimised procurement by setting separate material, plant and sub- contract orders against estimate allowances, price agreements or a product database.


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