Championship Trampolinist Laura Gallagher has returned from the World Cups in China and Japan. What's more, the trampoline bed that the Causeway Foundation purchased for Laura and her club has arrived! Although the mats are yet to appear, it's great to hear they'll be putting the equipment to good use. We were very excited to catch up with coach Susan Bramble and find out how she got on!

Despite a disappointing World Cup in China, Laura and Bryony enjoyed the experience and moved on to Japan World Cup, where Laura was unexpectedly invited to enter the individual contest as a guest! Not only a chance to compete against her 4 main rivals from Japan - all of whom are ranked among the top in the world - this was also Laura's first opportunity to compete against the other nations. Naturally, she accepted the offer and rose to the occasion (literally!). After the first two rounds, Laura was in third position, a mere 0.02 points behind team mate Bryony in second place. Sadly, however, guests' scores cannot be included in the competition, so Laura couldn't progress to the final of the competition. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic and well deserved boost in confidence. Come the final of the synchronised competition, Laura and Bryony achieved third position, just 0.2 points behind Britain's other synchronised pair. As only one pair from each country can receive a medal, however, Laura and Bryony were unable to collect their hard earned bronze medals. her coach Sue Bramble continue to work towards further successes;

"These are promising results and we hope to continue building and working towards more successes. Thanks again for your support; it is as always very much appreciated."
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