Kele Contracting, a leading player in the Middle East construction industry, has selected Causeway Estimating and Causeway CADMeasure to help streamline the production of estimates and increase productivity.

Key criteria in the selection of an estimating system included the capability to integrate a number of different information sources, as Kele Contracting’s Chief Development Officer William Hindes explained:

“We needed an estimating system that would help to streamline operations for all the projects we were involved in. For instance we were looking for true integration with other functions, such as electronic measurement from drawings, as well as the ability to exchange project information with our back-office systems for the commercial management of our contracts.”

To address these issues, Kele chose Causeway to assist and support with their bid management operations. Causeway Estimating provides contractors with clear visibility of risk, net cost information and value engineering. Kele will also benefit from faster electronic take-off from CAD, 3D BIM models or PDF drawings to measure the information to create Estimates for inclusion in tenders.

“Armed with the information provided through Causeway CADMeasure and Estimating, estimators and commercial teams are able to make meaningful decisions and produce higher quality tenders while typically reducing tender enquiry costs by up to 40%,” noted Causeway’s Business Development Manager, Phil Auguste.

Also included in this pre-construction solution is Causeway’s Cost Planning module (CATO), which is typically used by developers and consultants for early feasibility estimates.

“We were delighted to see that the Causeway solution also gave us a mechanism to produce high-level cost plans from the outset and well in advance of tender-submission. This is key in allowing us to identify project scope and potential exposure from the outset. In addition we are now able to provide a complete cost planning service for all our clients as part of our pre construction and value engineering services.” Mr Hindes added.

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