When a job is relatively simple the software used to carry it out should reflect that simplicity. That was certainly the thinking when GRAHAM Construction introduced Causeway’s CATO Take Off and Bills to its Quantity Surveying department.

“I have tried other software and have found CATO Take Off and Bills to be much more straightforward and easy to use,” explained Quantity Surveyor, Ross Irwin.“For example, it divides Bills of Quantities into discrete packages so when you are measuring you know you are only dealing with the amounts associated with each package. Some other packages make this much more complicated.”

The new software was introduced to address a growing need within GRAHAM to produce Bills of Quantities (BOQs) and manage the data in them effectively. A major benefit is that the surveyor can sort the information into the desired classification order, ready to be transferred into Causeway Estimating for use by the in-house estimating teams. GRAHAM also makes extensive use of Causeway Enterprise Content Management in-house and through its supply chain. Discover more about Causeway CATO.

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