Established in 1984, Beaver 84 is a leading national supplier of scaffolding, fencing and groundworks products both for hire and sale. The company operates a network of 10 branches, providing a nationwide pool of expertise supported by local knowledge and support. The company had been operating a finance system with customised invoicing that required triple entries to align revenue, cost and stock to deliver business performance and results. In 1997 a decision was made to upgrade to a more streamlined and integrated system. Having considered a number of options, Causeway’s Scaffold and related equipment Hire & Sale System was selected.

Key criteria for this decision included the ability to meet both centralised operations of credit control, procurement and financial accounting, as well as operational requirements. The latter includes fast-moving order processing of stock based hire and sale and multi-locational logistics. Some ten years later Beaver was acquired by SIG Plc. which was equally impressed with the performance of the Causeway solution and chose to upgrade its existing processes to Causeway. Then, four years later, the business was acquired by the European Altrad group and a further commitment was made to Causeway's systems. In fact, new functionality was introduced to manage the vehicle fleet, costing of damage and losses, electronic trading, cross hire, document management and many more everyday functions. Managing Director, Steve Tysoe commented:

“I have had a long association with Causeway throughout my career in the National Building Equipment Hire & Sale sector. I’ve seen them apply their skills and industry knowledge to help us meet the many challenges that our business faces – such as depreciation of assets. It goes out in one shape and size and comes back in another. It can be lost, damaged, purchased, substituted, transferred to other locations and we may even need to track an inspection cycle on it. The point is the system helps us to manage all of these variables. Using Causeway’s systems allows us to do what we do best, namely using our mix of skills to drive the business forward, confident that we have good visibility of key performance parameters, thanks to the accurate and timely performance measurement provided by Causeway. We don’t have to wait to understand the numbers, we see them crystallising and know the initiatives that work and those that require re-direction before it’s too late. With Causeway we have a constantly evolving partnership. We know where we want improvements and they know how to do it. Together we make it work!”
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