Having experienced the benefits of the BIM Measure automated measurement solution in Causeway’s CATO suite, Kam Project Consultants has recently extended its use of the software with the purchase of additional licenses

KAM, which takes its name from ‘Key Account Management’, is an independent company of project managers and construction cost consultants that focuses predominantly on the distribution and logistics market. Through its cost consultancy services, the company manages all financial and contractual risk from inception to completion, so accurate cost data is essential.

In using Causeway BIM Measure, KAM is able to measure directly from models and drawings, whether they are presented in 2D, 3D or BIM format. Key features within the software include the ability to group like items, measure schedules of like items and handle multiple schedules.

BIM measure is a module within Causeway’s comprehensive CATO Cost & Programme Management software suite, which provides a fully integrated approach to the preparation and use of documentation for the procurement and control of construction projects.

Key benefits

  • On-screen measurement.
  • Configurable view states.
  • Support for non-standard views.
  • Allows 2D slicing through a 3D model.
  • Auto-extraction of quantities and properties.
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