In implementing Causeway Professional Design Suite (PDS) with the Micro Drainage WinDes suite of software, John Grimes Partnership has been able to streamline design tasks within the business, save time on key processes and enhance communications with developers.

John Grimes Partnership Ltd is an innovative consultancy offering a wide spectrum of engineering solutions to regional, national and international clients. The company comprises three main departments, Structural, Geotechnical and Marine, supported by an in house laboratory and field testing facilities and is able to provide a complete engineering design service for developers. In recent years the company, which is using Causeway PDS, has played a key role in many complex and often challenging civil engineering projects. Causeway PDS is being used to aid interpretation of geotechnical data including depth to rockhead as well as the design of highway alignments and sustainable drainage schemes. When working on drainage projects the integration with MicroDrainage WinDes is also very useful as a dynamic link ensures that design changes are highlighted in both systems. PDS can be used as a stand-alone system or within an AutoCAD environment, enabling flexibility to suit the preferences of the user.

“Although we have only had PDS for a short time we are already realising the benefits. Among the major advantages of PDS are the ability to quickly produce 3D ground models enabling rapid development of initial designs and, if required, the efficient incorporation of design changes as a scheme develops," explained the company’s Tony Rockey. "These are all elements of work that we have done before, the difference is that with PDS we can now do them more efficiently and in a more integrated way”.

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