The Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure is extending its use of Causeway’s FM Facts Asset Management module to include medical assets that are used within the community. Integrated with FM Facts Helpdesk, the extended system will provide improved visibility and management of planned and reactive maintenance of these assets.

The Department of Infrastructure has been using FM Facts software for many years for the management of built assets. More recently, they saw the opportunity to extend the system, initially to include wheelchairs and subsequently other assets such as respiratory equipment in homes. Thanks to the inherent flexibility of FM Facts Asset Management, this will be easily achieved simply by adding new asset types to the existing system. Assets such as wheelchairs require routine maintenance and may also trigger reactive calls. By including them in the Asset Management system, routine maintenance can be managed more effectively. Just as importantly, if there is a reactive call to an item of equipment, the asset history in the system will indicate the make and model so that appropriate spares can be taken to site. Discover more about Causeway FM Facts.

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