Faster turnaround of tenders and improved post-estimate information for the contracts teams are just two of the reasons that led CHAP Group to select Causeway Estimating, CAD Measure and Valuations software.

The CHAP Group is one of Scotland’s leading privately owned construction groups that embraces most aspects of the construction sector. Recently the company decided to explore ways of accelerating the turnaround of tenders and improve its win rate. In addition, there was a desire for a more detailed breakdown of costs, so that projects could be better understood at a granular level for more precise cost management.

Having considered a number of options, CHAP opted for a Causeway software solution that would address these criteria and more. The Causeway Estimating solution includes an analytical Pricing system that enables faster and more accurate production of estimates, as well as supporting multi-user operation. It also makes it easy to use historical estimate date, rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel’ for each tender.

At CHAP Group, Estimating has been combined with the CAD Measure Automated Measurement tool, which enables direct measurement from models and drawings to speed up take-off and avoid re-keying of data into the Estimating software.

In implementing Causeway Contractor Valuations as well, CHAP is able to provide direct links from the estimate for use by the company’s quantity surveyors.

Crucially from CHAP’s perspective, the Causeway solutions have proved to be easy to use with minimal training, enabling the company to reap the benefits and associated return on investment very quickly.

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