The University of Wolverhampton will soon be implementing Causeway FM Facts Visitor Management in a phases roll-out across a number of its buildings. Visitor Management will enable the University to enhance the visitor experience and to manage visitors more efficiently.

Expected visitors will be booked in with the reception desk so that badges can be prepared in advance, though the system also has the functionality to quickly produce badges for unexpected ‘pop-in’ visitors. This process will be facilitated by enabling staff to book visitors in via the already-familiar FM Facts intranet they use for logging requests on FM Facts Helpdesk. Requesters will also automatically receive an email when their visitor(s) arrive. “A particularly useful feature of Visitor Management is the ability it gives us to customise the system to meet our needs,” noted Campus Operations Manager Sandy Shaw. “For example, its ability to capture photographs will help us to move towards a photo-ID system and also to integrate visitor management functions more closely with our access control system. “From a management point of view it will provide an audit trail of visitor activity and we hope to extend the system to the management of sub-contractors. It is also very cost-effective as, unlike some systems, badges can be printed using standard printers,” he continued. Discover more about Causeway FM Facts.

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