As Followers of Our Team 2012, we had the pleasure attending of a reception at the House of Lords last night. Opening the evening was Baroness Campbell of Loughborough, Chair of UK Sport. She explained that a key importance of the funding raised through Our Team 2012 is that it allows our athletes to train as professionals, which ensures they aren’t burdened with full time job whilst training to be the best in the world.

This was illustrated perfectly by the presence of some remarkable athletes, including Olympic bronze medallist and reigning World Champion rower Anna Watkins, Paralympic Archer Paul Browne, and legendary Olympic swimmer Mark Foster. They explained that the funding raised by Our Team 2012 goes further than London 2012, to support a continued investment in UK sport and ensuring our Olympic athletes are the very best in the world. Whilst talking to these athletes, we were amazed to learn that China alone has more potential Paralympic athletes than entire UK population! Producing world class athletes from such a tiny talent pool therefore requires the absolute best in coaching in training, for which funding is vital. Throughout the course of the evening, it because very apparent that the funding raised by Causeway and the other companies involved in Our Team 2012 is essential. It provides world class coaching and training, as well as the extraordinary nutritional plans that are essential to helping our athletes reach the very pinnacle of their ability. Once again we left very humbled and aware of the sheer level of commitment involved in training to be an Olympic athlete. Our respect for our Olympic athletes grows by the month and we are proud to be part of their continued development, in the run-up to the Games.

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