We are delighted to announce that our September client days in London and Manchester were huge successes! They were the ideal chance for customers using our mobile, vehicle tracking and facilities management solutions to meet our team, network with our other customers and get involved in workshops, to learn how to unlock the full functionality of their solutions.

“The day was excellently presented. Great to understand the Causeway family and all the different elements of the company. Fully enjoyed the day, met all my expectations. Great to meet all the Causeway people and find out more about the products.” - Ken Rose of Sage (UK) Ltd.

We were pleased to offer our Vixen, Telematics and FM Facts customers an exclusive insight into where we plan on taking our product development in the next few years, as well as one-to-one workshops, to ensure they are getting the most out of their solutions.

“It was a very informative and well structured day, leaving us clear about where Causeway is heading, and the opportunity to network with other users was also very welcome on both a constructive and social basis.” - Sue Mays and Janice Spary of Air Cool Engineering Service

We look forward to our next opportunity to meet with you all and discover how much you're benefiting from our solutions for managing and sustaining the built environment.

“A very informative update on the Causeway’s vision coupled with an excellent opportunity for informal networking in the afternoon and the best lunch ever at a client event, thank you!” - James Nunn of Suffolk County Council
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