This year, we once again asked our customers to fill in a survey to share their experience of Causeway and our solutions. The results help us to improve the development of our products and customer service. We are publishing the results in the near future, but are pleased to announce the winners of the iPad minis for completing the survey:

Chris Woolford, Trainee QS at Charles & Newman Consultancy Services (CATO user):

We have been working with Causeway since September 2012 & I completed the survey following our first training session, which was very impressive and informative. CATO helps me a great deal; the software allows me to perform all my work from my desk, eliminating the need to use a drawing board. An added bonus is the increase in productivity. The iPad mini is a great prize, which I have been putting to good use both in and out of work. It's size is convenient to handle when taking notes on site, dealing with emails on the move and it fits in my jacket pocket.

Richard T Davies, Chief Estimator at Atkins Highways & Transportation(Estimating user):

I have been using Causeway Estimating for over 4 years (since July 2008) and was pleased that Causeway wanted feedback from their customers and felt I needed to take the opportunity to support this. Causeway Estimating allows my team to produce detailed estimates to meet client deadlines and to suit a variety of client pricing formats. It also enables the estimator to spend more time on the thinking part of the price, because (unlike spreadsheets) it takes care of the arithmetic without the need for extensive checking. Winning an iPad mini means that I have run out of excuses for not joining the 21st century.

Jason Mamoany, IT Manager at TSS Facilities Ltd(Vixen user):

I’ve been working with Causeway for 18 years and wanted to complete the survey as we are currently upgrading to PDA’s, so having a lot of correspondence with Causeway at present. As Service Manager, all aspects of Causeway Vixen help me in my role, including the Telematics system for vehicle tracking. It was a very nice shock to win the iPad!

Graham May, Senior Engineer at Awcock Ward Partnership Ltd(PDS user):

I’ve been using Causeway supplied PDS for just over 7 years now since joining my former employer during their period of transition from a competitor’s product to PDS as their 3D infrastructure design package of choice. During my 7 years of using PDS I’ve always had exceptional quality assistance from the Causeway support team therefore I also feel it invaluable to relay that praise back via the survey. I was shocked to have won the iPad mini, I don’t win things as a rule! It’s a great piece of kit which I can use both at home and for business.

Dermot Hughes, Head of Facilities at United Business Media (UBM)(FM Facts user):

I’ve been working with Causeway since it acquired iFM, and have been familiar with FM Facts for about 10 years. I was happy to complete the survey due to good relationships with Causeway staff. The FM Facts Helpdesk module is central to our service delivery model for both planned and reactive work as well as for managing visitors and hospitality services. We are keen on technical solutions e.g. room booking interactive signs, and looking for further advancements that will help us provide a great customer service experience.
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