EM Highway Services (formerly EnterpriseMouchel) have chosen Causeway Telematics to provide vehicle tracking & driver performance monitoring on its LoHAC and Area 3 ASC highways maintenance contracts.

The Driver Performance feature in Causeway Telematics enables the company to monitor a number of key metrics, such as harsh acceleration and braking, relating to driving behaviour. This information can then be used to educate drivers and improve safety, discourage speeding and reduce fuel consumption.

In addition, the company will be making use of the Winter Maintenance feature of Telematics during colder months to provide detailed reporting on gritting activities. Using the software’s gritter interface, this provides proof of gritting services and also enables clients to view gritting progress and reports.

Telematics is included in a range of Causeway software solutions used by EM Highway Services to manage highways maintenance contracts, which also include financial management, project management, document management and eTrading.

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