Groundworks and civil engineering contractor Carlton Civil Engineering has implementedCauseway Estimating following recommendations from other Estimating users.

Carlton delivers a range of services for public, industrial, commercial, housing, retail and property development contracts and its typical clients are main contractors and developers. In selecting a new estimating system that would enable it to respond to enquiries and produce tenders in less time the company identified a number of key criteria.

For example, Carlton receives a lot of repeat work and wanted to be able to set up templates based on historical data, which could then be quickly modified for each new tender. This proved difficult with the systems previously in use.

Another desirable feature was rate build-up functionality that would enable rapid drilling down into the detail of rates – again, a cumbersome and time-consuming process with the existing system. Use of a library as a central repository of rates would also help to maintain consistency across the company.

Following consultation with a number of other construction companies, as well as demonstrations of functionality, Carlton selected Causeway Estimating as the best option for meeting all of these criteria, and more.

Key benefits

  • Efficient use of historical estimate data.
  • Rate build-up functionality.
  • Faster tender production.
  • Quicker response to enquiries.
  • Rapid drill-down into rate details.
  • Central rate library.
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