At the Cedar Court Hotel, a fantastic midpoint for the North of England, we hosted our first Estimating Open Day.

Feedback from our customer survey suggested very few Estimating customers knew about the range of other products in our portfolio of software for the built environment. We also noticed that not everybody was using our latest version of Causeway Estimating, which we have been working tirelessly to develop. The Estimating Open Day therefore provided the ideal opportunity to explain the new features that make Estimating V2.2.2 the most powerful version to date, whilst providing workshops and demonstrations of our other products. It was also a fantastic chance for those people interested in Causeway solutions to find out more before making their investment.

Product expert and accounts manager for the North of England, Alan Windley, got the day off to a flying start. Highlighting the innovative new features in Causeway Estimating V2.2.2, Alan explained how the latest version of Estimating includes innovative new features, including dynamic links to spreadsheets, integration of electronic measurement from drawings or 3D models and specialist modules like Surfacing, Blacktop & MAC Reporting. Causeway Estimating is, however, just a single one of our many solutions for the built environment. We were pleased, therefore, to have speakers from the other divisions within Causeway at the Open Day, to explain how our platform of solutions can work together to increase companies’ profitability. Tim Cook explained how Causeway CATO has evolved over the last 20 years. Of particular interest were the key advantages of our powerful measurement tools, CADMeasure and BIMMeasure. Capable of measuring everything from simple sketches to complex 3D models, seeing these products in action was truly remarkable! From our Construction and Infrastructure division, Tim Nichols spoke on the power of Causeway’s financial management solutions and the functionality of Causeway ECM. He also provided insights into industry-leading clients, who have benefitted from the integration between Estimating and ECM. Finally, Divisional Director of Tradex, Tim Cole, spoke on the importance of connecting computerised accounting systems together; “Paper isn’t really a great way of moving information between computers”. As evidence for the time and cost savings of Tradex, Tim cited the vast inefficiencies of manual data rekeying and the senselessness of having valuable employees spend their time doing basic tasks, like data re-entry. He then explained how both the European Government and HMRC are driving towards a future of paperless trading, which will make services like Tradex invaluable. Of course, demonstrations are the only way to truly discover the power of Causeway solutions and open days are the ideal chance to see them in action. We were therefore delighted to see everybody getting involved in discussions and workshops as the day progressed, taking advantage of the opportunity to meet and talk to our industry experts It was particularly pleasing to see our customers discussing their different Causeway solutions amongst one another, and sharing insights, benefits and recommendations. For those interested in purchasing Causeway software, this was a valuable opportunity to speak to the people who use it on a daily basis. Finally, we had a prize draw for an Apple iPad, which was won by Tom Senier of Galliford Try. It’s always a valuable experience to receive face-to-face feedback from our customers. The Estimating Open Day highlighted the importance of communication within the industry. No matter how advanced the latest software gets, it’s of no use to you if you don’t know about it!

Feedback from the event has been very positive and it is clear that you appreciate the opportunity to meet our teams and learn more about the range of solutions we offer. We look forward to holding more events in the future, to keep you up-to-date with all the advancements to our software solutions.

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