Having selected Causeway Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to provide an end-to-end information management system, Eric Wright Group has now rolled out the solution across its Construction, Civil Engineering and Facilities Management divisions.

ECM has provided Eric Wright Group with a centralised document management system that its 245 users can access online from offices or when on site, using laptops or any other device with an internet connection, i.e. smart phones. Access is via the company network, site-based Wi-Fi or the 3G network via dongles. On remote locations, staff utilise the ‘off-line’ feature to document project work.

Across its core activities Eric Wright Group has to manage vast volumes of information, in a wide range of formats. Prior to the implementation of ECM, document management was consuming nearly 15% of staff members’ working days.

The company’s Organisational Development Co-ordinator Rose Mather observed:

“One of the major benefits of using ECM is streamlined processes. For example, the simpler filing process has freed one member of staff from central filing to focus on drawing management. Further, we regained 87m2 at head office that was previously filled with paper records awaiting archiving.”
“In addition, it improves our access to key information. Filing documents is now easy and the search engine reduces risks associated with misfiling. We can even audit the project files from head office to ensure compliance with our ISO accredited Quality Management System.”

Using ECM also makes it easier for Eric Wright Group to share accurate information with other parties, improving communication, performance and the service delivered to customers.

Eric Wright Group has also taken the opportunity to customise the interface (above) with its own branding, along with links to additional company information, social media and photos of projects.

“The customisation gets people interacting quickly; users see familiar images and icons and use the buttons and dropdown lists intuitively. The feedback has been very positive.” Rose Mather added.
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