One of the best things about our products is that they all complement or integrate with each other, to form a interoperable software solution. In the case of Endeavour Drylining, it was clear that they would benefit as much from Causeway CADMeasure as they would from Estimating - so they invested in both! We spoke to Sam Nicholson, Surveyor Support at Endeavour Drylining, to find out more:

"Before we found Causeway, we used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with schedules of rates to produce our tenders and scale rules to take off quantities from drawings, both of which were time consuming, inaccurate and error-prone techniques by comparison. The Causeway products stood out from the competition because they are clearly industry-led solutions, which are developed year on year to better meet the industry standards that we work with every day. So far, one of the most useful parts about Causeway Estimating has been the built-in library of standard measurements and build-up of rates. These save us having to input all this information ourselves and build databases from scratch, which took up a lot of time. Before we had Causeway CADMeasure, we had to print huge numbers of copies of drawings and mark them all up individually and by hand. Now we can simply take quantities straight off a client’s digital drawing, break the drawing down into work sections and share this information with everybody simply and easily. There is no cost involved, no time needed for printing and no storage space necessary for keeping thousands of hard copies. Being able to create our tenders faster, more accurately and more cost effectively means we can apply for more work and win more work as a result. We’re already saving lots of time and money; as we get more familiar with the software, I have no doubt we’ll save even more of both."

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