Following its acquisition of Carillion’s 30-year M40 motorway operations and maintenance contract, Egis looks to Causeway solutions for support in meeting its new responsibilities and in minimising disruption on contract staff.

With core services to include network management, safety inspections, cyclical and routine maintenance, accident and emergency response and winter maintenance, Egis has inherited significant responsibilities as part of the acquisition. Specifically, the company will be tasked with providing maintenance services for the 123km M40 motorway, which includes more than 300 structures and is scheduled to run until January 2027.

In order to meet these responsibilities and minimise disruption, Egis has purchased licences for Causeway solutions as part of a 2-year hosted service. This includes a number of licences for Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) and Causeway Financial Accounting (CFA), supplemented with business insight reporting software.

By capturing and connecting all key cost-related data across finance and commercial activities, Causeway Project Accounting allows organisations to improve the performance of major construction and highways infrastructure projects. While Egis will use Causeway Financial Accounting to manage its finances, CPA will offer Egis the real-time visibility necessary for more efficient project control, improved asset productivity, greater cost management and improved decision making across specific projects such as the M40 contract.

For more information on Causeway Project Accounting, Causeway Financial Accounting, and how they are helping organisations to reduce project and contract risk, click the links. Alternatively, if you would like to organise a no-obligation demo, business insight session, or have your burning questions answered, get in touch in with Causeway Solutions Expert Andrew Moore on +44 (0) 1628 552135.

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