Causeway, a member of EESPA (European Electronic E-invoice Service Providers Association), has taken an active role over many years to provide for the mass adoption of integrated business, including electronic invoice exchange.

The EESPA e-Invoicing survey confirms the strong growth that has been achieved through a shared commitment by e-Invoice service providers to facilitate adoption by buyers and suppliers of all sizes. It also underlines the significance of open e-invoice platforms, such as the Tradex platform operated by Causeway, to allow companies to readily connect with all their trading partners.

Tim Cole, EVP of Research & Development at Causeway, who has led the Interoperability activities within EESPA, noted:

“This survey offers good news on several fronts. To the service providers, it demonstrates that open-integration is a driver for growth. To those who are pioneers for integrated business, it provides confirmation that progress is real and gaining strength. To those who are still operating manual invoice processes it should provide a warning not to be left behind while, at the same time, giving them confidence that this is a proven solution which they can embrace with confidence."

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